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patient lifts

Patient Lifts

We used two primary kinds of patient lifts for our son: floor-based and ceiling-based. I also include a few others that we didn’t use.

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head and neck support

Head and Neck Support

This guide entry discusses all the issues with head drop, along with the equipment we bought or acquired and the equipment I made at home.

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ALS and the Medical Profession

From our experience taking care of our son, professionals saw him only during an office visit or home visit, so they had just 15-minute snapshots separated by weeks and months.

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patient advocates

Patient Advocates

When our son, Jeremy, had to stop working and go on disability, his employer provided a patient advocate for him. She was a godsend.

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Causes of ALS

Thoughts on Causes of ALS

ALS researchers and doctors have listed numerous possible causes of ALS: heredity, age, gender, genetics, extreme athletics, smoking, environmental toxin exposure, military service, stress, impacts.

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Shower Chairs

As our son’s condition worsened, we tried a number of shower chairs. Here are the pros and cons of several types.

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